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How to get your gym mojo back!!

Bored of doing dips on the couch? Squats on a chair? Weights using two water bottles? Don't worry, me too. The finish line of this never ending lockdown is almost upon on us, and here are some handy pointers to get yourself back into the grove of training hard and using the gym again!!



Nikes motto may be sometimes overused, but never was there a better phrase for getting back training. Don't build this up too much, don't try to lose a stone before joining the gym, or buy 20 new outfits, or spend 2 weeks trying to get the food right and then see how you are feeling. JUST DO IT! I apologise if this sounds blunt, but the longer you put something off, the more you procrastinate, the more will you build it up to the point where it almost seems unachievable. This goes for everything, and not just training in the gym. Bite the bullet, get one training session in the first week back open and trust me you'll feel 100 times better after you've done it.

2. buddy up

People that go the gym with a training partner are 50% more likely to continue long term. Going with a friend (or enemy if you are very competitive!!) has so many benefits. It keeps you accountable and you generally won't want to let them down, it makes it more enjoyable as you won't feel the time going, and it also helps to push yourself as you'll always try to outdo each other. Plus if you live near each other you can carpool and save the environment all while getting shredded!

3. get a training plan

Training erratically and doing random exercises is not good. Best results come from having a structured training plan and allowing for a progressive overload of your major muscle groups over a period of 6-12 weeks. Personal Trainers & Training Plans can be expensive, but don't worry just send us an email below and we will happily send you a personalised plan just like we do with all of our customers. Email:

4. Set some goals

In almost everything we do we are told to set some personal goals for ourselves, and this can sound very cheesy at times. But trust me, you need to set yourself at least one target, something to aim for, because after the buzz of the first two weeks back training your motivation will naturally drop and you need something else that keeps you on track.

Here are some examples of Goals you can set yourself to keep motivated:

- Bench 80kg

- Lose 1 stone

- Do 50 Push Ups

- Plank for 60 seconds

- Run 2km

- Do 5 Chin Ups

- Deadlift 100kg

- Do 20 Bodyweight Squats without feeling like you slept vertically in the Hoover Press.

Best of luck getting back on track in your fitness journey, and as always if you need any help feel free to send us a message, we will be glad to help!


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