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How To Plan For Your Weekly Shop

When it comes to our weekly shop, there can be many pitfalls. But hopefully these few easy to follow steps will help you enjoy it that little bit more, while gathering wholesome food for the week ahead!


Starting your shop in the Fruit & Veg area is always a good idea, but try not to rush it. Take your time to check out the wonderful fresh produce that is in stock, and don't forget that half of your dinner plate should be from veg sources. The more time you spend in the Fruit & Veg area, the more appealing these foods will look as you become more familiar with them and the better chance you will eat more of them in your meal plans. Learn to Love them!! As for the processed foods aisles (Frozen foods, snacks etc), do the opposite. Whizz through these aisles only picking up exactly what you needed. The longer you stay here the more you'll buy, so try to avoid.


Routine is key, so try some of these handy hints below:

  • Don't shop when hungry

  • Make a list

  • Stick to a budget

  • Get plenty of greens

  • Choose Low fat options where possible

  • Limit snacks to 1-2 items

  • Opt for leaner cuts of meat

  • Keep things stocked for Quick-n-Easy Meals

If you found this helpful or would like to get any extra tips please feel free to email us on

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