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How To Deadlift

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The ultimate full body movement using your legs, arms, back, glutes & core. Here’s some tips to get it right!


✔️Feet Flat on the floor, pointing straight ahead, grab the bar at shoulder width

✔️Squeeze the bar as hard as you can before it leaves the floor

✔️Keep your back straight, whole body “tight” and squeeze your glutes

✔️Explode Up, keeping the head in “neutral” position looking at a spot 2-3m in front of you on the floor

✔️Lift the bar using your legs and drive your hips forward

✔️Maintain a strong spine throughout the movement by keeping your chest up which will prevent your torso hunching forward

✔️Pull your shoulders back at the top of the move, then carefully lower the bar to the ground


  1. Keep your head neutral

  2. Push through the heels

  3. Pronounce chest at top

  4. Keep your core/glutes braced

  5. Try to move explosively

  6. Develop a strong grip (use chalk, straps, or mixed grip)

  7. Practice RDL’s at a lighter weight to get used to the hip movement and maintain a strong spine


3 x 8-10 👉Hypertrophy

This is useful for beginners, toning, or mid season training plans for athletes where you don’t want to lift too heavy but want to work the muscle groups and build a strong core

4 x 6 👉Building Strength

This is useful for advanced trainers that want to increase their strength as the 4 sets at a heavier weight will become very taxing if increased over a period of 6-12 weeks. Ideal for athletes during off season or anyone looking to bump up their numbers

3 x 3 👉Testing Strength

This is one for the ego!!! 3 Reps heavy sets and building to a 1 rep max. Excellent to test yourself and see where your limits are. Also great to set yourself a target and say “that’s what I’m going to lift by December”. Obviously this is for advanced lifters only otherwise you could hurt yourself 🤕For athletes probably not ideal during the season as you might feel ok on the day, but it will drain the body for 2-3 days after


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